A night school course in photography at the London College of Printing in the 1970s took me on a ride that led through photographing rock concerts, creating album sleeves and writing and directing pop promos, publicity and training films, documentaries, tv shows, commercials and feature films.

Photography is still my first love, the single image still my favourite communication medium. Capturing a moment is a brilliant way of telling a story or taking the viewer on an adventure of their own making. But it is also a truth that can stay with us and change our understanding. The work of photographers like Salgado, Miller, McCullin, Weber, Curtis, Maier and many others have introduced me to so much. My advertising hero was David Ogilvy. He believed that all you needed for a successful campaign was a brilliant copy line attached to a great image. To this day nobody has convinced me otherwise or to stop trying to achieve those standards.

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